2023 Pop-Up Guide

2023 Pop-Up Guide

March 2023 will mark 4 years in business for Essential Things Co.  Building a business can be can a labor of love and challenging all in one. I have relied largely on small business pop-up/ vendor fairs events to generate revenue.  Over the years I have created a check list of "Essentials" to be as successful as possible and maximize you profits at pop-up events. 


  1. Find an event in your area- Finding the right event could be difficult at times. In the warmer months there seems to be an abundance of pop-up opportunities but choose wisely. Most metropolitan areas have Facebook groups where local events are shared and I have found some amazing events from social media interest groups.   Also, if you know any other small business owners, reach out to them for upcoming community events. 
  2. Research the organizer(s)- Once you have found an event you are interested in, research the organizer.  Check out their social media content, following, and engagement to see if it aligns with your demographic.  All these things translate into a well-attended event or a dud.
  3. Does the event cater to your demographic/customer? – True enough, pop-ups usually have a variety of businesses, but you want to make sure there aren’t a lot of businesses who sell the exact products you sell. Before fully committing to the event, I would ask the organizer how many businesses will be there selling similar products. Most times the host wants a variety and won’t allow multiples of the same business type.
  4. What’s next? – Now that you have found an event, got the details, and reserved your space, now it’s time to promote, promote, promote!!! Find creative ways to consistently promote your event and get maximum exposure. Also, check out the other participating businesses. This could lead to some great networking and meeting other dope entrepreneurs.
  5. It’s event day and you’re gonna kill it!!- Here is checklist I created of Essentials supplies for a pop-up event (Not all supplies are needed for every event):
    1. Content kit- Phone, camera, tripod, light
    2. Table & chair- if not provided
    3. Tablecloth
    4. Signage-Vertical/ Pull-up Banner
    5. Battery packs for devices & extension cord
    6. Business cards
    7. Bags for purchases
    8. Merchandise
    9. Cash (For change)
    10. Beverages and snacks
  6. Network & have fun! - Make connections with the other businesses and the host and make some genuine moments with potential customers.

I hope this checklist was helpful for you. Remember, the journey isn’t perfect but it’s worth it!  




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